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X-Shot Xcess Dart Blaster- 16 Long Range Soft Darts

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Go crazy and create absolute mayhem with the x-shot Xcess’s insanely huge, 12 dart capacity , double trouble, rotating barrels.

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The Xcess packs double the power with its dual-rotating barrels of 6 darts capacity each. Ran out of darts with one? Simply switch barrels and you are ready for another round!

  • 1 Dart Blaster and 16 Long Range Soft Darts
  • Prime Firing Mechanism Blast Your Darts up to 90 ft!
  • Rapid Fire Trigger – Tactile Grip
  • Manually Rotating Barrel
  • the Ultimate Blaster for Attacks Requiring Speed and Agility.

Country of Origin- China



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