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Wild Republic- Mini Mountain Lion

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Mountain Lions are very quiet animals, as they do not roar, making these zoo animal toys great baby toys, toddler toys, and kids toys to snuggle with at night.

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  • We are not lying when we say you need to acquire a Mountain Lion stuffed animal.
  • The actual size of the Mountain Lion stuffed toy is about 8 inches, allowing you to bring it with you to the pool.
  • No matter your age now is your chance to obtain this zoo animal plush and make you or your loved one’s dreams come true.
  • These realistic stuffed animals are made of high-quality material and are surface washable in case you get it dirty while playing.
  • These cute plushies allow you to bring a unique friend into your home and life.Mountain Lions have some similarities to regular lions, but many differences as well.


Age- 3 Years+

Country  of Origin- China



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