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Nerf Fortnite DG Dart Blaster Toy Gun – Multicolour

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Rotating drum that holds 15 darts.

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Key Features:

  • It develops movement and motor skills
  • The Fortnite DG Dart Blaster comes with pull back blasting action
  • It has a rotating drum that can hold upto 15 darts
  • Bullets constructed of foam with flexible, hollow tips, safe for kids
  • Blast all 15 darts fast with slam-fire action. Hold down the trigger and keep pumping the grip back and forth
  • It also develops the eye hand coordination

Brand – Nerf
Type – Toy Gun
Age – 8 Years+
Product Dimension – L 69 X B 6 X H 19.5 cm

The Nerf Fortnite DG Dart Blaster is inspired by the blaster used in the popular Fortnite video game! It features a 15-dart rotating drum, so you can pump out 15 darts in a row at your targets before reloading. The blaster comes with 15 darts, enough to fully load the drum. You have to load darts into the drum, pump the priming grip backward and forward to ready the blaster for firing, then press the trigger to fire 1 dart. Pump the grip and press the trigger again to fire another dart. You can also hold down the trigger and keep pumping the grip to blast all 15 darts rapidly with the slam-fire feature.
Items Includes In Package:
1 Toy Gun and 15 Darts

Country of Origin- China



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