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Mee Mee Squeezy Silicone Food Feeder

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Mee Mee Squeezy Silicone Feeder is the perfect combination of the advantages of bottle feeding and spoon feeding making the transition easier for your baby and for you.

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Key Features:

  • Conforms to European Norms (EN 14350) and FDA standards of safety and hygiene
  • Made from 100%food grade, BPA free liquid silicone for ensured safety and hygiene
  • Can be used for feeding baby juices, cereal, mashed rice and vegetables of all kinds
  • Bottle is durable and easy to squeeze even by the baby allowing self feeding
  • Spoon has smooth rounded edges to avoid hurting baby
  • Easily fits into baby’s mouth and is bite resistant to protect it from the damage caused by baby’s teeth
  • Baby gets fed directly from the spoon attached to the bottle which helps in mess free feeding
  • Designed to respond to pressure and helps you to control quantity of food dispensed each time
  • Baby can also use this cereal feeder independently as he/she grows older allowing him/her to practice self feeding without creating mess
  • Feeder comes with protective cover to shield it from harmful germs and other external conditions.



Size- 90 ml

Colour- Blue

Age-4 Months+

country Of Origin- China




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