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Luv Lap 3 Way Baby Carrier Galaxy

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Baby Carrier
Let the little architect unfold his skills before you bring home this 3 way fold-able baby carrier from the house of Luv Lap for him or her.

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  • Safety Standard – Certified as per European Standard  EN 13209 which makes this product  safe for little ones
  • Head Support – Removable Head Support with Cushion, to provide additional comfort, protection and support to the baby’s head
  • Cushioned – Comfortable Cushioned interiors with cushioned inner seat, armholes and leg openings for the baby’s comfort
  • Side Opening Buckle – Adjustable Side opening Buckle, to ensure safety and comfort
  • Bib – Soft Bib, to keep both the baby and parent dry and clean
  • Padded Shoulder & Waist Belt – 3 Sturdy Padded Shoulder & Waist belts, which provides excellent lumbar support to parent
    • Fabric – Friendly Fabric, for better air circulation.


Size-  L 32.6 x B 24.4 x H 13.2 cm

Colour- Brown

Age- 0 to 24 Months

Country Of Origin- China



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