Giggles – 2 Types Of Giggles Pip Squeaks


Cute little toys that make a squeaking noise when pressed.

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Brand Name – Giggles
Age – 3 Months+
Squeeze it to hear delightful pip squeaks
Aides in visual & auditory stimulation
Easy to hold
Material – Plastic
Packing Dimension – 22 x 15 cm
Dimension – 8 x 10 cm

Note: This product comes in different colors and shapes, the one available will be shipped .

Cute little toys that make a squeaking noise when pressed.  Babies would love their tiny, colorful pip squeak friends that come to them in the shape of animals.  It really doesn’t matter if it is a lion or a duckling, all of them squeak with joy when babies hold them and press them. It’s an animal party. With the lion, monkey, and all other bright and squeaky animals. Hours of fun for the little ones.

Country of Origin- India



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