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Funskool Giggles Clip Clop Cowboy Toy- Yellow

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The Funskool Tomy Clip Clop – Cow Boy is well designed to be played by both boys and girls and thus is not gender specific.

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Product Description:

Brand – Funskool Giggles

Type – Clip Clop Cowboy Toy

Age – 18+ months

Color – Yellow

Specifications :

Funskool lets your child relive the glory days of the western rancher by bringing you the Clip Clop Cow Boy. Make up your own little wild west in your imaginative realm and let the Clip Clop CowBoy be the hero of the town. Toys like the Funskool Tommy Clip Clop Cowboy, let children use them in imaginative role plays. The little Cow Boy can be the sheriff of your wild western outback who is in charge of keeping the townsfolk safe from the outlaws who threaten the peace of your land.


Country of Origin – India



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