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Funskool CHu CHu Body Parts Jigsaw Puzzle – 16 Pieces

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Forms the basis of pattern understanding and logical thinking.

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Key Features:
Set of 4 Human Body jigsaw puzzles
Strengthens the concept of gestalt thinking
Forms the basis of pattern understanding and logical thinking
Improves their vocabulary and hand-eye coordination
Foster the concept of color and picture recognition and enhances their motor skills
Improves memory and concentration
Non-toxic material and comes in compact sizes

Brand – Funskool
Type – Jigsaw Puzzle
Age – 3 Years+
Box Dimensions – L 18.5 x B 27 x H 4.5 cm
Product Net Weight – 246 gm

The puzzle comes with a set of 16 jigsaw puzzle pieces. The product not only helps in enhancing the hand-eye coordination but also forms a strong base for their cognitive development by improving their vocabulary. Also fostering the concept of gestalt thinking, i.e., understanding the concept of things as a whole, when the children put various pieces together to form an human body part picture. It is proven that children learn better through visual content, hence the colourful pictures helps them in fostering the concept of colors and picture recognition and building their motor skills stronger. The children could also learn the numbering system with the number of pieces provided in the set. The puzzle pieces are made of non-toxic material and comes in compact sizes making them easier to hold for children.

Items included in the package:
1 Jigsaw Puzzle – 16 Pieces

Country of Origin – India


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