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Chicco Dentifricio Toothpaste Mix Fruit Flavour – 50 gm

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Removes plaque without damaging enamel and Fluoride-free, Preservative-free, Cavity Protection.

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Key Features

  • Chicco Toothpaste Mix Fruit flavour to clean and protect baby’s and kids soft gums and teeth.
  • No Fluoride and Cavity Protection,Preservative free formula
  • Also contains Bio-available calcium for stronger teeth
  • Contains Xylitol to prevent caries and cavities
  • Very Low abrasive formula that does not harm baby’s milk tooth enamel
  • Right flavour in right formula for faster adaptation to baby’s taste buds
  • Best fit if used with Chicco toothbrushes

Ingredients-  Xylitol,Soribotal,Silica

Brand – Chicco
Type –  Toothpaste
Age – 12 month to 6 Years
Packing Dimension – L 5 x B 4 x H 12 cm
Quantity – 50 gm
Flavour – Mix Fruit

Product Description
Chicco Toothpaste Mix Fruit flavour has Xylitol that helps prevent cavity. Xylitol is unfermentable which prevents the cavity-causing bacteria to feed on the enamel, there by restricting bacterial growth. Abrasivity in toothpaste is measured in terms of RDA-Relative Dentin Abrasion.Chicco Toothpaste Mix Fruit flavour has low RDA for gentle and effective cleaning of baby’s tooth enamel and Removes plaque without damaging enamel.

Items included in package
50 gm of Flavoured Toothpaste

Country of Origin: Italy




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