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Bang Prinio Gun Toy Gun With Soft Bullets- Golden

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As a kid, when you role play combat, the first thing you need is the gun.

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Key Features:

  • Easy to operate
  • Long Range Striker
  • Quick Chambering
  • Great for indoor and out door fun
  • Ammunition Storage


As a kid, when you role play combat, the first thing you need is the gun. Mitashi’s Bang covers the assault and combative need of the growing up years for both boys and girls. Guns that strike foam-based weaponry FARTHER & FASTER, realism and higher performance is the core principle while innovating newer guns.

Successful toy companies do not just make toys; they manufacture popular culture. Introduction of Bang toy guns by Mitashi certainly fits this description. Just the introduction of its comprehensive range of battery operated and manual soft dart guns across various price points became an overnight “must have” toy for every kid across country.

The armoury of Bang Bang merchandise specially promoted by Hritik Roshan expressed the confidence Bang guns enjoys with a celebrity of cult status.
Bang Strikers and Bang Blasters represent the Boys line, Bang Elektra represents the girl’s choice to blast the opponent.

About Mitashi:

Mitashi, is a Market Leader in TV Video Games & India’s leading Premium Value Brand for Consumer Electronics Segment.
Starting its journey with Educational Computers & TV Video Games, Mitashi has diversified its Kids Portfolio with several brands under its umbrella, GameIn – High End TV Video Games,

Skykidz – Kids Fun & Learn Products, Bang – Foam Bullet Guns & Dash – Stunt & Licensed RC Cars, ensuring it has an offering for the childs every need, Hobby Lobby – DIY (do-it-yourself) toys and Playsmart – covering variety of board games for complete family fun.

The company has also established itself as a provider for its High-Quality LED TV’s, DVD Player’s, Speaker Systems, Tablet’s & Mobile’s. After several years of R&D, Mitashi recently expanded its product portfolio, by adding Air Conditioners and Washing Machines

In India, the company has a strong foothold at pan-India level, covering huge number of trade & distribution partners, Large Format Store Partners, and E-Commerce. Over the last year, Mitashi has successfully expanded into several International markets across Europe & the Middle East with more aggressive plans to enter more countries in the coming years.

Country of Origin– China




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